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Bedeck Home

It was in 1951 that Alexander Irwin began to embellish handkerchiefs. By stitching ornament into the ordinary, he turned a skill into a service that thousands of people around the world now rely upon to make their homes unique. He gave his customers time and choice, and it’s our ethos to do the same. So, whether you’re shopping online or instore, at our outlet, concession or prime flagship stores, you can be sure that Bedeck always puts our customers first.

Design by Bedeck
Bedeck is one of the only handful of bedlinen providers who still have their own in-house textile design studio. Painting, drawing, printing, weaving, we have a large team of visionary creatives who feed inspiration to our growing army of design-hungry followers through our in-house brand portfolio.

Your Mind Made
Whether we’re creating or curating linens and homewares, our eye is always on the detail. The best that the world of design has to offer is all here at Bedeck - the things we would be proud to take home and use. This is pure inspiration, underpinned by the foundations of satisfaction - quality materials, perfectly, perfectly made. It’s everything you need to show who you are.

Human Kind
Bedeck is about inspiration. We try to be inspirational in our approach to our suppliers and partners too. Many of the products we sell are made by some of the world’s most talented craftspeople using ancient, inherited knowledge and techniques. We appreciate their work, so we only ever deal with companies that treat their employees fairly and with kindness.

Sam Moxon