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Universal Pen - Advertising Object and Personalised Pens
Universal Pen offers a full range of high quality custom pens and promotional items at very competitive prices.

The use of personalised promotional products has proven its marketing effectiveness for many years, as it is a simple, effective and affordable way to increase your brand awareness.

Universal Pen has been making promotional items for almost 60 years, and we already have thousands of satisfied customers who renew their trust in us on a regular basis. Our clientele consists of large corporations as well as small businesses and individuals.

Of personalised pens to clothing , through the mugs , cups , key rings , electronics gadgets , bags , items stationery and many more, we respond virtually to all the requests for promotional products you can think of. We have many new products that can be customised - just browse our products and you'll be surprised at all the options available to put your brand on the front burner - and that without costing you a fortune! Regardless of your budget, we always offer you different customization options, and we also offer you the option to buy online with a low minimum order quantity.

Ben Cavanagh