How to get sponsored on YouTube?


How to get sponsored on YouTube?

If you are looking to get sponsored on YouTube, we have some helpful tips for you. Firstly, figure out what kind of sponsorships you are after and how they align with your channel. There are some requirements you need to be aware of before you jumping into the deep.


YouTube Sponsorship Requirements


Quality content

The most important aspect of getting sponsored on Youtube is having quality content. When you reach to a brand to sponsor you, they will check out your channel. You want to create the best possible first impression and if you are fit to collaborate.


Lots of content

To get that sponsorship you need a have a library of great content uploaded to to your channel.  When you have a great library of videos, the brands that might sponsor you can get a clear idea on what your channel is about. How you evolved over time, and how your audience interacts with your content.


Number of subscribers

A YouTube channel with some videos is not enough. Aside from the quality of the content, brands also look to sponsor channels with a great number of subscribers. After all, they want to promote their brand to as many people as possible. If your channel has no, or too little, subscribers yet, there is no reason for them to pay to be on your channel.


Relevant content

Brands don’t usually sponsor YouTube channels that are not relevant to their products. Because, why would they? They want to attract traffic to their website and sales. If your audience is not in their targeted market, there’s no gain for them to pay to be featured on your channel. Also, if you advertise products your audience isn’t interested in, your followers’ trust in your authenticity and honesty will decrease, making you lose followers.



Types of Sponsorships


Affiliate sponsorships

Affiliate sponsorship is the easiest way to get YouTube sponsorship for small channels. Brands will give you a special link to place in your video description. Every time someone makes a sale after clicking on your link, you will receive a commission from the sale. This is a great starting point.


Product sponsorships

Through this method you can receive free products in exchange for promotion. Brands will send you products to do reviews, unboxing videos, or tutorials about them. While it may be challenging to get YouTube sponsorships for small channels that pay up in products, you can find brands to sponsor you if you have an audience interested in the products that can be easily get turned into customers.


Paid sponsorships

Like the name suggests, these are the sponsorships that get you direct money. Sponsors pay you to advertise their business in your videos either by mentioning the company or by making reviews or tutorials of their products. This is the most wanted kind of sponsorship for any YouTuber because it’s the most profitable. But it’s also the most difficult to achieve.



How to Get Sponsored on Youtube


Grow your channel

The first thing you want to do in order to get YouTube sponsorships is to grow your channel. I know this sounds like it’s not actively chasing sponsorships. But it is absolutely necessary to have enough engagement on your channel to be able to make companies consider sponsoring you. You want to make sure your channel can bring value to the business before you start pitching.


Don’t hurry

Getting YouTube sponsorships is not easy.  Not just finding the sponsors, but also about the work you’ll have to do in order to properly promote the businesses sponsoring your channel. Getting paid by sponsors it’s not free money, you have to do the work. Make sure you have the necessary time to do it without it affecting the quality of your videos.


Cold emailing

So you find sponsors for your YouTube channel the best way to go is to find relevant brands and ask them for sponsorships. It might feel like a too traditional approach, but it can work for any kind of sponsorship. For starters, make a list of all the businesses you could collaborate with.

When you send your pitch, take time to write a thorough and personalised proposal. Don’t send the same e-mail to everyone. In order to be convincing, you have to prove how much value you can bring to the brand you’re pitching. You’ll do this by getting to know where the brand stands and by showing how your audience is relevant for the products.


Platforms with sponsors

One way to get paid sponsors for YouTube channel is to go to the platforms dedicated to connecting creators to sponsors. There, you’ll find a list of sponsors and you can pitch them asking for their support.