Canada+USA Creator for Sansi LED Bulbs($49.9 2 Pack)

Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

Canada+USA Creator for Sansi LED Bulbs($49.9 2 Pack)

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Sansi Technology

United States, California


Only USA creators (residents) are needed for this campaign.
Youtube: Subscribe 3w+; Last week view:2K+;
Instagram/ FB/Twitter: Follower 25K+, likes 50+,comment 10+。

Require: prefer full video review. and copyright

Your audience demo majoriy needs to be at least 50% in the U.S.
We prefer experienced youtuber who has promotd similar type of product before.
1month to complete this sponsorship and have content live 2 week after approval.

Our budget is $150 in maxium ( including the free sample, we sent to you) max per person if hired for first collaboration.
We also provide discount coupon (and free products) for your audience.

We are looking forward to hear from you and collborate with you.

Sansi Technology Inc is the manufactures of New York Time Square LED Display Screens.

We produce many different LED products, including grow lights, security lghts, flood light, smart lights, plane light, omni-directional bulbs. We meet the needs of home, garden, warehouse, hotel, gym, etc.

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About Brand

Since its founding in 1993, SANSI has been dedicated to technological innovation in a wide range of LED applications, from commercial displays to home lighting. We fully integrate product design, production, sales, installation, and customer support in our effort to provide affordable, state-of-the-art LED technology.