Task tool for Writers & Content Managers

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Task tool for Writers & Content Managers

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We wish to increase the brand awareness of our tool as well as increase paid subscriptions. We have three plans;; free, pro and corporate. The pro plan costs £30.00 per month. We will pay you the full £30.00 for the first month of each paid subscription that you refer.

Write Manage is a web based task tool designed to help writers and content managers easily keep track of their article progress and writing projects. Our tool allows companies to manage their writers by allocating them article tasks. Once the article is complete, the writer can upload it to Write Manage and the content manager receives email alerts throughout the whole process. Writers can also use Write Manage to manage their own articles and also suggest articles to write to their content manager. Our tool is a niche software built specifically for writers and content managers.

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Write Manage

About Brand

Our tool was built by a YouTuber who faced the problem of managing all of his different script writers. It became time consuming to use different applications and communication methods. Write Manage was born to solve the problem of managing multiple writers.