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Josh Paler Lin is a multi platform social media influencer. Josh has accumulated over 500 million views on his YouTube channel, with some videos that have 50 million views. Josh has been an active influencer since 2013 and has worked with brands like Netflix, Burger King, Universal Studio, Amazon, Lyft and Uber to name a few. Josh not only knows how to grab people’s attention and make a video go viral, but what really makes Josh stands out from the other influencers is his creativity of integrating a brand into a video, in a way that makes the promotion seems natural and not just a regular “advertising”.

Josh has been featured on:
NBC, CBS, CNN, BBC, FOX, DailyMail, Good Morning America, Sun Rise, Elite Daily, Business Insider.


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United States, Los Angeles

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Total Influence - 4,253,000 People

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